Employment Screening As Part of the Recruiting Process

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By Jon K. Smith

Jobs are at a premium and there seems to be a flood of applicants for every open position. In this situation, recruiting can become an overwhelming task. Merely looking at the amount of resumes in the email inbox can send any human resources professional or hiring manager running from the building. This does not have to be the situation, because conducting employment screening can help these folks to arrive at the most qualified candidate in a flash.

The recruiting process involves many steps and can be time-consuming. First, a description of the position must be created or updated. Then a job posting is placed on one or more Internet job boards or professional organization Web sites. Applicants respond by sending their resumes and cover letters, which are then reviewed and classified according to who is most qualified.

Once the resume pool has been narrowed down, an employer may choose to conduct phone screen interviews in order to select the most qualified people from that pool. This will usually result in approximately five to seven candidates for an open position. Those candidates are then scheduled for face-to-face interviews with the human resources professional or the hiring manager. At this time, the candidate should complete an application and background check authorization form.

After the first interview cycle, the applicant list is narrowed down further and a round of second interviews may be required. After the second interview, the human resources and hiring manager will decide on the top one or two applicants. The information regarding these applicants should be submitted to an employment screening company. The company will conduct the verifications requested by the employer and provide the results in report format.

Background screening reports provide information regarding areas such as an applicant’s previous employment and education, criminal background, and identity verification. These reports will clearly reflect any discrepancies between the information provided by the applicant and what was discovered by the screening company. Background screens yield comprehensive information gathered in a matter of days, helping to expedite the hiring process.

Source: Trusted Employees

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  1. Saima Qaiser March 3, 2012 at 9:58 am - Reply

    It is our legal right to know the background of whom we are dealing with.

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